9H screen protector can't fully cover the screen

Some of the most recent model phones, for example, Apple’s iPhone 6 and Samsung’s Galaxy Note 4, have been designed with curved glass edges. As there is no way to attach a flat solid object to a sharply curved surface, no matter what material that screen protector is made of, all screen protector manufacturers have had to make the protectors smaller than the screen itself. Otherwise it would not stay put on the curved edges. With this in mind, you may see some edge effect on your screen protector as well as some dirt eventually.

Normal Defects

If there are some visual defects on the screen protector, please send your order ID and a picture if possible to your reseller for a refund or a replacement. (How to replace or refund? Check the Replacement/ Refund Procedure)

Other problems

Please contact info@zerolemon.com directly for further help.