As for the quick charger, here is the way it works:

1. When you are using it to charge the phone with quick charge function, the charging speed will increase 50% comparing with the normal speed.

2. When you are using it to charge the phone without quick charge function, it will work as a normal charger.

3. Please notice that the charging speed can vary from different phone model and the output speed(higher with background apps or programs on).

4. The release button is designed for better stuck the adapter and charger, you have to press the button to slide it off.

5. Please ensure the phone had turned the fast charging mode on. Also, the charing speed is greatly depending on the phone input and output. Normally, we suggest our customer to charge the phone with all the background programs off, which can decline the battery drain and reduce the temperature loss so as to accelerate the charging speed. We call it as a fast charger due to it accesses more electricity to go through the charger to the phone.