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The phone and the charger of Note 4 are programmed as fast charge function and the battery percentage is also programmed to show the percentage of one battery.

But actually, the note 4 10000mAh battery is Tri-cell battery.

For example, when the phone shows the battery at 10% but it is not like that actually.

The 10% percentage you see is based on one battery capacity(3333mAh), so the battery capacity you still have is 3333*2+3333*10%=6900mAh charge.

Then you use 6900mah divides 10000mah, then 69% comes out. Which is approximate to 65 % as you described. So at this point, you can use at least 2 days with a "10%" charge.

As the battery is over-sized, the only accurate method to test this battery capacity is based on how much time you can use from 100% to 0%.

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