1. Choose the right battery case you need carefully by the description.


  We have divided all our battery cases into several parts according to the phone they fit, like "Samsung" "Apple" "Google phones" and etc, please check the battery case name carefully before you purchase it. 

  For example, when it says "for S10", it only fits the S10 phone, not for S10 plus. And "iPhone 11 pro battery case" is different from the one for "iPhone 11 pro max".

2. Choose the right battery case according to your needs for the capability.

  Mostly, we have a Rugged battery case like 8000mah or 10000mah, and a SlimJuice battery case like 4500mah or 5000mah for the same phone. 

  A Rugged battery, it is equal to triple the phone's thickness and you can get about 1.5 extra battery life.

  A SlimJuice battery case, it's equal to double the phone's thickness and you can get around 80%-90% extra battery life.

3. All our battery cases only have the black color, we may consider offering more colors in the future.

4. For international shipping, you may check the list below first to confirm your shipping country is fulfillable:


Thank you for your support.