How to use a ZeroLemon battery case

The main function of a battery case is to charge your phone up.

Before the charging, you will need to hold its power button on the back for 3 seconds, or click it once, to turn on the battery case first. Then you'll see its LED lights are on and your phone starts charging.

Most of our battery cases support data sync, you just need to plug into a data cable without removing the battery case.

For issues with other functions, you may contact us directly.

How to recharge a ZeroLemon battery case

1. When the first LED bar (near the power button) blinks, please use an OEM phone plug charger to recharge the battery case. Normally, the first bar starts blinking, and then goes to the second bar when the first bar lights stably.

Please unplug the battery case when all 4 LEDs light white.

2. To optimize the battery life, please drain empty the battery case before the next recharge ( for the first 3-4 charge circles when you start using the battery case)

3. You can charge the battery case with or without the phone; While charging both the case and your phone, the phone will go charge first then the battery next.

Instruction Manual related

1. Charging cycle

 Every new battery needs to charge until all the 4 LEDs turn on(white), to optimize the life of the battery drain it first before charging it again.

2. "Recharge the battery once every month" 

 It applies to the situation that you do not often use the battery. When you don't need the battery case as daily power support and keep it in a box, please charge the battery once every month at least; 


 If you use a ZeroLemon battery case frequently, you can charge it when it is at a low power level.