How to use the battery case

Please hold down the power button for 3 seconds to get the battery pack to charge your phone. Less than 3 seconds of holding will only show battery percentage of the battery pack. 

Instruction Manual related

- Charging cycle

Every new battery need to be charged for 12 hours for initial use, also perform 6 full charge/discharge cycle to ensure battery optimal performance. If above steps are not done as shown on instruction, it may cause negative performance results. Please use the battery to 2% and charge it to 100% for 6 times.

- Recharge the phone "once a month." 

"Recharge the battery once every month" is applied to the battery that is not used daily. If you don't use our battery for a long time and keep it a box or something, you need to charge the battery once every month. For the battery that you use frequently, you just charge it whenever it needs to be charged. 

How to fully charge the battery

1. Your battery must be charged in your phone while it is off for at least 12 hours for the first initial charge.
2. Use the battery to 2% before you perform the 2nd charging cycle.
Charge the battery for another 12 hours straight for at least 4 more cycles.
3. Don't stop charging even it reaches 100% within 4 hours. Because the power percentage is programmed to original battery. 

So actually it doesn't get fully charged even if it shows 100% until you have completed the charging cycles to sync the battery with your phone.