How to use the battery case

  Please hold down the power button for 3 seconds to get the battery pack to charge your phone. Less than 3 seconds of holding will only show the battery percentage of the battery pack. 

Instruction Manual related

- Charging cycle

  Every new battery needs to charge until all the 4 LEDs turn on(white), to optimize the life of the battery drain it first before charging it again.

  "Recharge the battery once every month" is applied to the battery that is not used daily. If you don't use our battery for a long time and keep it a box or something, you need to charge the battery once every month. For the battery that you use frequently, you just charge it whenever it needs to be charged. 

How to fully charge the battery

1. You must charge the battery until all the 4 LEDs turn on(white) the back of the case are on.

2. To optimize the life of the battery always drain the battery case before you can charge it again(for the first 3-4 times when start using the battery case)

  You can charge the case with or without the phone it, while charge both the case then phone, the phone will charge first then the case.