To the customer:

  First, when you find the battery is out of shape or swollen, please stop using the battery instantly in case there would damage caused. Please dispose of the battery in a proper and environmental way instead of thrown it everywhere.

The reason could be:

1. This Li-ion battery case needs to be protected from beating, falling, dropping, colliding and violent operating, or it could cause the inner problem to the battery case to make it work abnormally and then become swollen.

2. There are kinds of chargers with different working voltage in the market, if you charge the battery with a mismatched charger, it will damage the inner protecting board circuit of the battery due to a large voltage input, which could cause a short circuit to the battery and be burnt.

3. From the feedbacks in the market, the Samsung phone didn’t do the current limit design to its inner control board because of the fast charge demand, so the phone's inner control board will import the current from the battery case without limitation. With such excessive current import to the phone, it is most likely to cause the battery case outputs abnormally, then its protection board would fail and heat up and burn the battery case.

4. The battery case working temperature environment is 0-40°C, please do not use the battery in a high temperature beyond for a long time or it will cause damage to the battery.

The suggestions for you when it happens:

1. Please stop using or charging the battery immediately and take it out from your cell phone.

2. Please do not throw the battery away but dispose of it in an environmental way.

3. Please contact us in time by e-mail to for support.

Thank you for your support.