1. Buy from our website www.zerolemon.com

We offer a shipment to most countries in Europe, North America, Asia, and other places, you can check the list below for details:

2. If you are a member of Amazon/Walmart/etc

We own an official store named "ZeroLemonOfficial" on Amazon.com (the US page).  You can find all our items from there if you live in the US. Search <"zerolemon" + unit name > you need on Amazon and choose the right unit you need;

Besides, we sell on other places including Stacksocial, Newegg, Walmart with a store named "ZeroLemon", but only for some of our units.

3. Authorized resellers

If your address is not able to be fulfilled, you may check with our resellers to see if they can help with your shipment.


For someone who wants to be our reseller, please send a message to info@zerolemon.com, we will assist you with details. 

Thank you.


 All those purchases ways mentioned are authorized, you will be able to be supported for a warranty claim from us or our resellers. We won't be responsible for the item sold by any other unnamed seller, because we are sure that we did not supply the item for them, we cannot guarantee the quality and source for their items.

 If you find out you purchased from an unnamed seller, we suggest contacting the seller directly to issue a claim. Please also feel free to report us by email to info@zerolemon.com if they refuse to execute their duty.

 To protect your purchase, please shop from our authorized resellers. Thank you.